World in a Jar

Robert Hirsch’s installation World in a Jar: War & Trauma is a collection of 1001 hundred black & white photographs, each preserved in a clear 32 ounce glass jar with a black lid. The photographs are made largely from portions of appropriated historical images that have been re-energized to emphasize a litany of horrors from the wars and traumas of the past three centuries. Each print contains two of the same images on a black field so that when the jars are viewed, the same image is visible from either side. The jars are stacked and displayed in a serpentine pattern on a white minimalistic, fifty-foot arch-shaped pedestal. Ten individual images, enlarged into 40 x 60 inch prints, are hung on the walls around the installation.

Click here to view a QuickTime slide-show and audio tour of the piece narrated by the artist.

Click here to view a QuickTime slide-show of selcted jar images.

Essay: "Phantasmagoria", by Gary Nickard (Adobe PDF)

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