Robert Hirsch
Milton Rogovin From Dots to Pixels: Tracing Truth & Desire
By Robert Hirsch and AnJanette Brush
From U-Turn E-Zine #1, 1999
Milton Rogovin Milton Rogovin: Buffalo Troublemaker
The Photo Review, March/April 2011, pages 19 -20.
“The World in a Jar: War & Trauma – Pictures and the Nature of Evil”
PIEA Journal
February 2010, Volume I
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“World in a Jar: War & Trauma”
Journal of Historical Sociology Vol. 22 No. 3 September 2009
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“Point and Shoot Exhibition”
CEPA Journal
Summer/Fall 1992, 6-7
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“Point and Shoot II Exhibition”
CEPA Journal
Fall/Winter, 1993, 8-13
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Jell-O: A Shimmering Slice of Americanan
By Robert Hirsch
From Forever Young Magazine, July 2005

Oil & Water: Avedon and Winogrand
By Robert Hirsch and Greg Erf

This past fall in New York City one could view two highly divergent approaches to photography as The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited Richard Avedon: Portraits and the International Center of Photography presented Winogrand 1964.
exposure Flexible Images: Handmade American Photography,
1969 - 2002

by Robert Hirsch

Published in The Society for Photographic Education’s exposure, Volume 36:1, 2003, cover and pages 23 – 42
The Culture of Landscape
What makes up a landscape? The word landscape derives from the Dutch landschap, meaning “landship.” The term signifies a segment of nature that can quickly be taken in from a single point of view and encompasses the land and everything on it...
Shock and Awe: Artists Respond to War
It was a cold spring evening in Boston as I sat in a funky Brazilian restaurant near the Museum of Fine Arts with a group of printmakers discussing the invasion of Iraq...
Regarding the Pain of Others
Today nobody gives much thought to the quality and quantity of writing about photography. But this was not always the case. Whether you agree with her observations of not, the publication of Susan Sontag's On Photography in 1977 was a innovative event that marked the first time an American Intellectual seriously considered photography worth thinking and writing about...